[New Spell] Godspeak


Valance suddenly began speaking in what seemed to be several broken languages at once to the priest of the night god while the others looked on, a bit irritated at not being let in on whatever was happening. After a few minutes and a couple of chuckles the priest of Night got up from his chair and patted Valance on the shoulder. The priest of the Spider God turned back to his companions who were glaring at him.

What?” he asked.

What was that all about?” inquired Chalk.

Just a little priestly business between faiths. Apparently there is a bit of gambling going on in the temple of the Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares,” replied Valance.

That’s it?” asked the Scholar of Wexos.

Well, and we should probably get out of town before the arrival of the followers of the war god Xarak, who are reported to be in the area,” answered the priest of the Spider God.

Godspeak (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: Self

Duration: One hour per level of cleric or priest.

This divine spell allows priest or cleric to commune with a deity (whether the cleric’s own or another) as well as other priests or clerics, whether of the same faith or not. Originally intended to help faiths work together or for deities and their priests to commune in front of others without the laypeople understanding, this spell is often used for threats, secret treaties and political purposes.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Godspeak

  1. David says:

    I like the spell. Also, your formatting seems to be off.

    • bat says:

      Thank you on the comment and pointing out the formatting. For some reason WordPress changes the format from time to time without notice and if I am a little groggy it slips by me.

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