[New Spell] False Speech

False Speech

What did he say?' asked Koram incredulously.
Something about the price of bear grease,” Chalk replied.
I thought it was about a ship sailing to the moon,” Koram said.
No, no, you are both wrong,” Valance interjected. “He was talking about an invasion of little green men from another land.”
Wait a minute, where's the illusionist? This sounds like his work,” Chalk asked.

False Speech (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level of illusionist

Duration: Two turns + one turn per level of illusionist.

When cast upon a single target within the range of the spell the subject receives a standard saving throw versus spells, failing that all within the range of the spell will hear something different from what the speaker is saying. This may cause listeners to tend to ignore the speaker’s voice, to doubt this person or even to mock them or become driven to violence, even if that was never the intention of the speaker. Those trying to compare notes about what is being said often become preoccupied with talking amongst themselves about the contradictory stories and sometimes lose interest in the speaker altogether.

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