[New Magic Item] Pearl of Comfort

Pearl of Comfort

Valance returned to the inn where his companions were staying.

You are covered in spider webs! What were you doing?” asked Knat, who quickly caught herself. “Nevermind, I don’t want to know.”

Just a meeting of some local clerics,” replied Valance innocently.

And not all followers of the Spider God?” inquired Chalk.

No, there were all sorts of clergy there.”

But you are covered in webs, were you showing off some new spiders or something?”

No, there was this amazing pearl that one of the priest of the wild had. Wait, I think I have it right here,” said Valance as he dug through his robes. “Ah yes, here it is!”

The priest of the Spider God held aloft a shiny bluish pearl.

You stole it?” Chalk asked.

Yeah, I mean, wouldn’t you?”

Pack up, everyone! Valance is trying to get us killed again!” urged the wizard.

Reputed to be from a string of pearls that fell from the neck of a goddess, the Pearl of Comfort is one of many types of magical pearls that have found their way to the Material Plane. Highly sought after, when activated it also reveals the recliner’s true nature.

Benefit: When a cleric sacrifices a spell for a day he or she may activate the Pearl of Comfort, which will create soft furniture that will relax and refresh the user. Four people + 1 per level of priest or priestess may be granted a soft and relaxing sofa or chair. Four hours of sleep upon such furniture is the equivalent of eight hours of rest and the user will wake up refreshed. The style and texture of the furniture is reflected by the outlook and belief system of the person using the sofa or chair; a follower of a storm god may rest upon a storm cloud while next to him a priestess of the moon will sit in a softly glowing chair in the shape of a crescent moon.

Usable by: Clerics.

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