[New Spell] Trail of Light

Trail of Light

We need a diversion,” Valance told the others.

Easily done,” said the Scholar of Wexos with a smile.

As the adventurers watched the illusionist seemed to pick one of the peasants out in the crowded market. Almost imperceptibly he cast a spell.

Stop, thief!” shouted the Scholar of Wexos as he pointed at the recipient of his spell. The astonished peasant looked around him, all eyes were on the yokel. Then the man realized that as he moved trails of light followed him, he was marked. He ran, and the colors left a trail behind him as he weaved through the crowd. Jeers and threats could be heard as a mob formed to catch the thief.

Okay, let’s get this burglary over with, that spell isn’t going to last forever,” replied the illusionist.

Valance nodded his head and grinned in approval at the Scholar of Wexos’ devious streak.

Trail of Light (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 5′ + 1′ per level of caster

Duration: One turn + one turn per level of illusionist.

Trail of Light is a simple illusionist spell that the caster can cast upon a subject to mark or tag that individual, making them stand out in a crowd and allowing for identification to be easier. Several lines of multicolored light follow the target of the spell, each about twenty feet long. If the subject if the spell stops to stand still these strange lines of color will swirl about him or her until the duration of the spell expires. Anyone trying to spot this particular person is +3 to do so. No saving throw is available.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Trail of Light

  1. trey says:

    I can see this frustrating the mark to no end, with possibly humorous results.

    • bat says:

      Sometimes the lines between humorous and deadly are a little blurry, too! I can totally see this spell being used for purposes such as in the fiction, although an illusionist working with or as law enforcement could help make apprehending criminals easier too, I suppose. :/

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