[New Monster] Malakatonga



A what-a-who?” asked Koram.

The sage said ‘malakatonga’, that is what is ruling over the kobolds down in that haunted dell,” replied the Scholar of Wexos with a nod towards the pensive oak trees.

And how do we fight it?” the fighter inquired.

Apparently very carefully,” answered the illusionist.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d4+1)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 6+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (bite or claws) or magical dagger (see below)

Save: F7

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: IXx2

X.P.: 1800

It is unknown whether the malakatonga is a type of earthbound daemon or not, but these sinister creatures do tend to stick to the material plane and show up at the worst possible times. Tall and thin, these unnerving creatures have two sets of eyes and long down curving horns. As if a fang filled mouth and wicked claws weren’t enough, these creatures all carry a ritual dagger, carved of stone that has one of the following qualities:

1) All extra-planar creatures struck by the dagger must make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or be compelled to return to their plane of origin.

2) All illusions within 10′ of this dagger will become wobbly and unstable, allowing the wielder of the dagger to easily see through them (+2 to see through any illusions).

3) Anyone struck by the ritual dagger must make a save versus spell-like devices or be affected as if by a Sleep spell, except that it affects up to a 6 HD creature.

4)A critical hit (natural 20) strike with this weapon will do triple (3d6) damage.

Malakatonga love to usurp the societies of evil creatures and take them over, using these underlings as their minions, scouts, spies and cannon fodder. These creatures work solo or in small packs, working together to cause mischief in the world.

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