[New Spell] Elasticity of Self

Elasticity of Self

The best scroll you have invested in for some time!” commented Valance.
Genius!” exclaimed Nudge the gnome thief.
I must admit, a smart move,” said Knat the druidess.
Chalk nodded and smiled as everyone walked across the chasm.
Why are you congratulating him? I am the human bridge!” grumbled Koram as the adventurers passed over him-his arms and legs stretched long over the gaping chasm that plunged to unknown depths.

Elasticity of Self (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Three rounds + one round per level of caster.

This magic-user spell allows the caster to cause their neck and/or limbs to double in length while the entire body becomes rubbery. This allows the caster to put a hand into small openings, span chasms up to three times the wizard’s (or other subject’s) height in order to make a human bridge, return rocks and other rounded objects thrown at them by becoming a sort of mini-trampoline and moving at double normal speed. Blunt weapons do not do damage to the person under this spell, although edged weapons, sharp rocks, fangs, etc do. Falling damage is halved for the duration of the spell.

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