[New Magic Item] Treespear


Chalk and the others watched the elf as he entered the tavern.

“I will bet anyone ten gold pieces that I can feed everyone in here within the next few moments, with nothing more than what I carry with me” wagered the elf.

Valance’s arm twitched, but Chalk steadied him.

“You are not lucky with this sort of thing, remember?” said Chalk.

“Come on! He cannot win!” countered Valance. “There are thirty people in here!”

A surly looking man, possibly with orcish blood, took the elf up on his challenge with a sneer. A couple of the locals joined in. The elf then retrieved his spear from its sling on his back and strolled to the center of the room, where an earthen pit lay. The fire in it had died down and some sunshine crept in from a hole in the roof made to let the smoke out. The elf dug the point of the spear into the ground and in seemingly no time the spear became a tree laden with delicious looking peaches. Eyes goggled and mouths watered all around. The half-orc refused to pay up. The elf said a word and the tree dropped its fruit and became a spear again, which the elf nimbly set the point of under the thug’s chin.

“Are we with the elf?” Chalk asked before the fight broke out.

“Sure, why not, he won fair enough,” Koram said as he drew his Crystal Sword.

These strange artifacts, reportedly created by the elves of the Forest of Snab are very rare and often coveted by those adventuring in the wild. Made of many different kinds of wood, a treespear has many uses, from combat to helping a starving village. It is said that to willingly destroy one of these brings a strange curse upon the destroyer, one that has made many go mad.

Benefit: A treespear in combat does 1d6+2 points of damage and is +1 to hit. When a treespear has its point sunk into the ground it will grow into a medium sized tree (25-30 feet high) within four rounds. The wielder can make the tree smaller if desired as well. The type of tree determines any special benefits. For example, after it has grown to its full height a treespear made of pine will produce pine cones with can be used in some spells. An apple treespear will produce healthy, delicious apples, etc. Sometimes these are traded among their owners for another treespear to use for a while. The tree will, upon command, unladen itself of any produce (if applicable) and become a spear again in one round.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a spear.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Treespear

  1. Mr. Blue says:

    I really like this item… it’s the sort of flavor that makes a weapon distinct and memorable, without resorting to power creep.

    Nicely done.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you very much! I try to make things more than simply weapons at times to give them more story and to make a game more of a story than just running around and chopping things up.

  3. Nice item…and I really like the story that goes with it!

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