[New Spell] Mislabel


Chalk, Valance and the Scholar of Wexos strolled into the magic shop in the town of Crumble. Chalk nodded to the illusionist, which meant that the apprentice wizard was running the store while the owner was out for something or other. The Scholar of Wexos picked up small bottle and whispered as he read to himself.
Ah, here it is, Gron,” the illusionist said to Chalk. 
Valance, who was just tagging along blinked as Chalk acknowledged the illusionist and took the bottle and went to the counter. The clerk smiled and read the label and consulted a pricing chart. Chalk paid the apprentice and the trio slipped out of the magic shop.
Chalk and the Scholar of Wexos laughed. Valance looked puzzled and the two conspirators explained what they had done.
Like I am forking over three gold for some lizard tongues,” snorted Chalk. “Charging for spell components like that should be a crime.”
Valance would have pointed out that altering labels technically was a crime, but he was too jealous at this larceny to do so.

Mislabel (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Three days+ one day per level of illusionist.

A simple, yet deadly spell that will alter any label already made for something into anything desired by the caster. This can range from something as harmless as changing the names of spices to as deadly as altering labels on poisons. This illusion is incredibly difficult to detect (15% chance to see through the illusion) as it will appear to be in the same writing, script, etc as the original. 

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Mislabel

  1. jim says:

    Ouch! No this is a wicked spell in the right context…
    Alchemists and apothecaries might well invest in some ‘protection’ from mean-people casting this sort of a spell on their stock…

  2. bat says:

    Exactly! I like making spells and things that one can riff off from and make entirely new situations and encounter with. Thank you for the comment!

  3. jim says:

    This is exactly the kind of spell that an apprentice would get up to mischief with at the library, or an unscrupulous collector of rare books might use to get a better deal on the stuff they’re after…let alone what a snake-oil peddler might use it for…
    This spell really has a lot of great potential. Definitely, it opens up a lot of new situations and potential encounters.

  4. bat says:

    And that is what my blog is about- take some idea I have thrown out there and run with it.

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