[New Spell] Dim of Doom

Dim of Doom

Stork handed a duplicate of the scroll he bore to Vistis the Blue Mage.
This will get them to talk,” hissed Stork.
Vistis looked over the scroll.
Absolutely,” replied Stork.
The two vile spellcasters cast their spells over the sleeping town. The air became dark and filmy, one could almost taste the despair on the breeze.
The wizard and the illusionist strolled into the small town as the inhabitants began to panic. Stork drew his magical dagger and cut down several peasants without thinking twice about it.
We are looking for a band of adventurers that passed this way not three days ago,” snarled Stork.
Frightened speechless, several of the villagers pointed towards a forbidding castle on a rocky cliff in the distance.
Well, that was much easier than I thought,” whispered Vistis.
Stork licked the blood from his knife and said nothing more as the duo claimed a couple of horses and headed towards the fearsome looking castle.

Several hours later Chalk and his companions wandered into the small town and saw that all of the peasants were deathly afraid of them. After hearing about Stork and Vistis they felt so bad that Valance even kept his spiders at bay. The spellcasters went about dispelling the evil magic as best they could.
I wonder when Stork will realize that we are actually behind him and that whoever is already in the castle is not us,” mused Chalk.
Let's hope that whoever it is softens them up enough for us to finish them off,” added Koram.

Dim of Doom (Illusionist/Magic-user)

Level Il 2/M-U 3

Range: 200′ radius + 20′ per level of caster

Duration: One day + one day per level of caster.

Popular among evil sorcerers and necromancers, the Dim of Doom casts a dark, filmy haze over an area. All creatures who operate better when not in direct sunshine thrive in this area and are +1 to hit while all others are -1 to hit. The gloom cast by this spell also lowers the Constitution of non-Chaotic creatures by 1d4, however, if one escapes this dreadful zone then all abilities return. This spell can be stacked up to three times, enhancing those who prefer the darkness a to +3 to hit and penalizing those who do not down to -3, with a 1d4 Constitution penalty each time. The caster is immune to the effects of the spell that they cast, but not that cast by others.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Dim of Doom

  1. jim says:

    Vampires, in particular, must really find this spell extremely useful…

  2. bat says:

    It could be rather devastating in the wrong paws. I like the idea of weird spells that enhance the eerie, dangerous and strange. Maybe the good guys made this reversible…

  3. jim says:

    A reversible form of this spell would be incredibly useful–especially on the battlefield and in helping to protect cities under siege. then there’s what would happen if two maguses/wizards were to attempt to face-off with the two different forms of this spell…that’d be pretty awesome stuff!

    • bat says:

      I really like that idea! I always have liked wizard duels, ever since seeing The Raven by Roger Corman. That is a challenge to the DM/GM. What happens when opposing magics collide?

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