[New Spell] Global Location

Global Location

Knat returned to the others with what information she could dig up.
One hundred gold pieces to cast such a simple spell!” protested Chalk. “I should start charging for my spells!”
You can if you want,” remarked Valance. “But do you have anything that valuable?”
Chalk scowled.
Knat dug into her coin pouch, the others followed suit. Valance offered a handful of gold coins.
Gambling?” Chalk asked.
Had to use a couple of spiders to seal the deal, but yes, gambling,” replied the priest of the Spider God.

Sometime later the adventurers were sitting with a priest of the Moon God, sipping tea. Coins were surrendered and the aged cleric cast a spell that caused a small globe, a spinning representation of the world, to appear. Chalk said a word and a tiny golden spark appeared on the globe, pulsating softly. Satisfied, the adventurers thanked the old priest and plotted their next journey, all the way cross the planet.

Global Location (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: 10′

Duration: 8 turns

This advanced form of Locate Object allows the caster to find the location of anything on the planet (or plane) by creating a 2′ diameter globe that indicates the desired person, place or thing. The globe is at the cleric’s command and may hover anywhere within 10′ of the casting priest or priestess. The downside is that the information provides a locale, but does not detail any obstacles or perils associated with the target. The globe only has as much detail as ours do to us.

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