[New Spell] Astral Woodpecker

Astral Woodpecker

Stork lay in his bed in the rundown inn, eyes wide open, like so many others in the village. There was a knock at the door. Getting up he saw that it was Vistis the Blue Mage, his eyes half opened under the heavily lacquered mask that he wore.

You also?” Stork asked.

This is the second night this week! It has to stop!” lamented Vistis.

Stork sneered, revealing shark-like teeth.

We need to kill the thing making that sound, but it is too elusive. Which means that our enemies are nearby and know that we are here,” the sorcerer said.

Vistis nodded sleepily as a trio of figures appeared.

Time to play,” Valance said as he rolled something down the oak floorboards about the size of a watermelon. Dozens of spiders burst from the ball and advanced towards the wizard and the illusionist. Stork snarled and cast a spell. Suddenly the wooden floor below him became mud and he started to sink as Vistis barely scrambled to safety.

Chalk strolled forward slowly, preparing a spell as Stork struggled to free himself.

And now, we end this,” the wizard said stoically.

Stork suddenly stopped and realized that Chalk wasn’t going to let him go this time.

Knat whistled and recalled something to her, something silvery and birdlike that landed on her shoulder and dissipated into a fine smoke as she too advanced on the enemy spellcasters.


Astral Woodpecker (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 120′ + 5′ per level of druid

Duration: 2 turns + 1 turn per level of druid.

This druid spell calls forth a woodpecker that appears ghostly but the unearthly creature can make an annoying sound when it has something to peck with its beak. This knocking sound carries for some distance and annoys everyone in the area except the druid and his or her companions. Those affected have a tough time concentrating on tasks, including spellcasting, and must roll their Wisdom or less on a d20 to avoid failing at what they are doing when within listening distance of the astral creature. In battle those who fail their save are -1 to hit while a failed magic spell can cause anything to happen, but usually the spell backfires on the caster or a random spell is cast instead. Just a rumor of one of these dreadful creatures in the area has caused some to pack up and leave. Whole villages can be held at bay simply at the threat of an astral woodpecker tapping on a tree or pole at night and keeping the inhabitants awake and giving them horrible nightmares and an automatic -1 on all rolls for the next day. If attacked the creature has 8 hit points, its beak deals 1d4 points of damage, it has a flight move of 120′ (40′) and it saves as a 3rd level fighter.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Astral Woodpecker

  1. trey says:

    Or, how druids get revenge on those who’ve displeased them. Logging communities beware: you never know whose sacred grove you might be chopping down.

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