[New Spell] Giant’s Footprint

Giant’s Footprint


Koram swung his Crystal Sword at the strange sorcerer. The weapon connected and drew a sickly dark blood from the wizard’s arm that caused the fighter to smile. Then the spellcaster chanted a spell and pointed at Koram. A thunderous crashing sound was heard as Koram was driven to the ground and knocked senseless as Chalk and the others arrived. Valance released a small army of spiders that drove the hissing sorcerer off. Koram moaned in pain as he regained consciousness.

“What hit me?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but it is big, we are all standing in its footprint,” Chalk replied as the others realized that they were standing in a titanic bare footprint.



Giant’s Footprint (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 60′

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell causes a great invisible foot to descend on an area roughly 8′ wide and 16′ long. The impact of this huge foot will causes 2d6 points of damage to all within the area of the stomping foot who fail a save versus spells roll and will leave the imprint of a bare foot two feet deep in soil or mud and will crack stone. It is rumored that two or more wizards casting this spell will cause opposite feet to appear and that a hundred wizards casting this spell together once made a path through the Forest of Drear that became a safe passage for merchants.

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