[New Spell] Ceaseless Tracking

Ceaseless Tracking

“Are we being followed?” Koram whispered to the others as they spied a place to set up camp. “It seems that someone is trailing us, an old robed man, I have seen him a couple of times behind us.”

Nudge the gnome thief drew two daggers.

“I’ll handle this.”

“No. Why not see what develops?” countered Chalk.

“Why wake up with our throats cut?” Valance said. “Let the gnome go and see who is following us.”

“Oh, very well,” replied Chalk.

With a sinister grin the gnome scampered off into the lengthening shadows, only to stagger back a few minutes later with his head cocked to one side and a branch appearing to be growing from his head.

“Problems?” Chalk inquired.

“It was just an old druid that got lost and was looking for a way to civilization and followed the first people he saw. I drew him a map as best I could and he said that if I get this curse removed in a week or so that the tree will stop growing and eventually fall off,” answered Nudge.

Ceaseless Tracking (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Special

Duration: Lasts up to one week + one day per level of druid.

The druid spell Ceaseless Tracking allows a druid to lock in on one particular subject and follow him, her or it, for the duration of the spell. The druid is required to find some physical trace of who they are looking for, usually a known footprint or something left behind. With this trace evidence the caster can follow a thin aetheric trail left behind by the subject and will instinctively know their whereabouts. If the person has left the plane of existence the druid will find this out, but cannot enter the other plane by the use of this spell and must find other magic for planar travel to continue the hunt.

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