[New Spell] Steed of the Storm

Steed of the Storm

The air crackled with electricity as the horse and rider appeared. The gaunt man regarded each of the adventurers coldly. His gaze locked on Knat.

A duel of druids?” he offered.

I will pass as we have enough problems already, a pack of ghouls are hunting us from the nearby woods,” the druidess replied.

The elder druid’s countenance changed completely.

Where?” asked the druid.

Chalk and the others all pointed towards the dark thicket nearby.

With an almost sinister smile the druid turned his ferocious steed towards the woods and charged, disappearing into the thick stand of birches. Hisses and threats soon became shrieks and howls as the stomping of the strange horse sorted out the villainous undead.


Steed of the Storm (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous, steed remains for 6 hours.

This spell conjures an impressive steed from the outer planes, a creature of storm and fury. The druid may ride this magical horse into the sky, on land or over the surface of water, traveling at a rate of 180′ (60′). Charging into combat causes all opponents to make a morale check at 2 points lower than normal or flee in terror. This impressive steed has 6HD, deals 2d4 damage by kicking or biting, has a morale of 12 and saves as a 5th level Fighter. This outer-planar creature is tireless, fearless and immune to electrical and fire damage.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Steed of the Storm

  1. Way says:

    That is a seriously cool spell for druids, Bat.

  2. trey says:

    Can the druids use a saddle or must a storm steed be ridden bareback? 😉

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