[New Magic Item] Curse Coins

Curse Coins

Chalk spied Valance as the priest of the Spider God was fumbling with something.

“What are you doing?” the wizard asked.

Chalk now saw that Valance was burning something wafer-like on a bright war hammer.

“Oh nothing much, just giving one of the priests of Law a little surprise. I might need a little help getting this back to him,” replied the cleric.

“You stole it to return it?” inquired Chalk.

“I stole it to put a minor curse on it and had a couple of these odd curse coins on me so I thought I would triple up on the action,” Valance said with a devious grin.

“Are we going to get killed over this?”

“Probably not. At least not if we don’t get caught!” Valance answered.

Made from strange rituals deep in the Mythic Underworld, Curse Coins are a mixture of unholy powders compressed together to make a thick wafer-like ‘coin’. The curses created may be minor, but they are enough to cause a frenzy in many a town or village in which one or two crop up. Dealers in such insidious magic often find the trade lucrative to a point, and then they must get out of town quickly after the wrong person has been cursed, or face the gallows. Some claim to have seen Cursed Coin sellers with strings of these wicked little magic items after having drilled a small hole in them and run a string through a stack of this horrid currency.

Benefit: When a Curse Coin is burned next to or on a particular item, that thing becomes cursed. Most often the one laying the curse goes for the simple bad luck curse (-1 when this thing is used), but the more imaginative complicate the situation (items that scream when picked up, weapons that glow very brightly when drawn, etc). A remove curse spell will undo the effects of these curses easily enough and a whole pile of things may be ‘uncursed’ at a time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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