[New Spell] Divine Illumination

Divine Illumination

Chalk and his companions sat in the murky tavern discussing their next adventure as an entourage entered the common room. Suddenly one of the newcomers burst into an overpowering radiance, Many of the locals fell at the feet of the priest of law immediately in adoration.

Why can’t you do stuff like that?” Chalk asked Valance, priest of the Spider God.

Valance smirked and drained his mug of ale.

Oh, but I can!” he quipped as he pushed himself away from the table.

Ready your weapons,” suggested Chalk to the others.

Valance sprang forward and glared at the priest of law who suddenly narrowed his eyes at the priest of the Spider God.

Behold, the Shroud of Webs!” Valance called out and suddenly shadowy webs curled and coiled around him, obscuring the chaotic priest from view.

The priest of law hissed as his guardian/thugs prepared to bash Valance’s head in.

Now!” shouted Chalk as he and the others sprang into action. Chalk dove into the gloomy area around Valance.

You know, you didn’t need to do that!” the wizard snapped.

Hey, you asked,” replied Valance as he began summoning spiders.


Divine Illumination (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Self

Duration: Ten minutes + two minutes per level.

Divine Illumination allows the casting cleric to radiate a powerful light that brightens the area within 30′ of the priest or priestess and grants the caster a +2 to their Charisma stat for the duration of the spell. More neutrally aligned casters will radiate a grayish light that drains color but still illuminates an area while those clerics of a chaotic nature will instead radiate an eerie darkness that obscures them from sight and makes the chaotic cleric -2 to strike and gives the caster a -1 to Charisma (+1 to monstrous creatures).

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