[New Encounter] The Society of Coffin-Breakers

Society of Coffin-Breakers



Koram pointed at the strange flag flying from the wall of the town ahead. Three skulls in a triangle set above a bloody grail.

Let’s keep moving, that explains all those skeletons we fought on the way up here,” said the Scholar of Wexos.

But our horses could use a rest and I a soft bed,” countered Koram.

The dead thrive in that town, to go inside, especially this close to dark is an invitation to either join their ranks or be their next meal,” replied the illusionist.

Chalk pointed out a small gathering of hooded figures lurking around the walled town’s main gate.

Look at those devils! How they await us hungrily!”

Reluctantly Koram turned his horse to the side, followed by the others, and the adventurers made for a small glade in the distance, hoping to be able to make a camp that would be free of the dead.

Inside the walled town a collection of ghouls and deadly wights shrieked and hissed, then plotted a way to hunt down those who had turned their hospitality down.



When the Necropolis of Red Thirst fell nearly fifty years ago the dispossessed citizens, who were both undead and hellbent on their fixation with trying to simulate a normal society, became wanderers, traveling the countryside, hiding their living dead status as best they could (usually unsuccessfully) and trying to make a few extra coins to rebuild a new necropolis somewhere else. These poor creatures are not above make a few unwalking dead happen if that’s what it takes to fill their coffers.

In the game: The Society of Coffin-Breakers mainly consists of wights and ghouls, with a handful of ghasts and vampires thrown in for good measure. From time to time a necromancer will be among them, although the undead usually grow impatient and devour the living within their ranks as soon as it seems like the best course of action to take. Heavy cloaks and wrappings are commonly worn by these creatures to mask their undead status and they stay away from unintelligent undead (such as skeletons or zombies) and avoid having them around. If the Society of Coffin-Breakers remains in one area for more than a week they usually set up camp and begin calculated home invasions to try to establish a society of their own. Once the roots of a necropolis take all sorts of undead are instinctively drawn to the place and may begin to give them away and make it obvious that something strange is going on. Another giveaway is the undead’s inability to get away from making morbid signs and flags that give away their true nature.

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3 Responses to [New Encounter] The Society of Coffin-Breakers

  1. trey says:

    Love it. I particularly like the little hints of “undead psychology” (abiopsychology? necropsycholoy?) dropped in the write-up.

  2. That was awesome. Consider it yanked.

  3. bat says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I am not sure exactly how this came to me, probably some Clark Ashton Smith residue somewhere.

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