[New Spell] Greenblood


Knat tapped her staff on the earth and suddenly took on a greenish hue as she saw that Koram was cooking the strange fish that they caught in the enchanted stream.

Would you like one or two? They are kind of small,” said the fighter.

The druidess stretched as she sat on the rock, absorbing the light of the sun.

I will be fine, thank you,” she replied. “You boys can share the fish among yourselves.”

Koram shrugged and took a bite of the odd trout and tried to conceal a shiver.


Greenblood (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: One day per level of druid.

The Greenblood spell allows a druid or someone that he or she touches to become more plantlike and less flesh and blood. For the duration of the spell the person affected does not need to eat or drink, but must be able to have access to sunshine for at least one hour per day for photosynthesis to occur (failure to do so will instantly end the spell). The skin takes on a greenish tint and those affected also can Passplant (as per the Druid spell) with half of the area of effect at will (for non-druids treat as if cast by a 1st level druid), druids casting Passplant will double the area of effect and will not die if the tree they are in is destroyed, but will be ejected.

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