[New Spell] Call Me To You

Call Me To You

Koram searched his pockets and found the hazelnut that Knat had given him. He looked over at Chalk.

Time to call in reinforcements,” the fighter said.

Not trusting my magic to get us out of this?” the wizard asked.

It never hurts to have some backup,” Koram replied.

Yeah, yeah.”

Two armored trolls appeared suddenly, but had not seen the adventurers yet.

Would you drop that thing already!” Chalk urged.

Koram threw the hazelnut to the ground. A wisp of smoke rose from the broken shell and the druidess Knat appeared.

In trouble again, boys?” she inquired with a wry smile.

I knew this was going to happen,” groaned Chalk.


Call Me To You (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Special

Duration: Lasts until the object is broken, there is a 30 second delay before the druid is recalled.

A druid casting the Call Me To You spell enchants a small breakable object (like a walnut, for example) that may be given to someone known to the druid. When this object is broken the druid receives a thirty second ‘heads up’ to drop what they are doing before he or she is teleported to the side of their summoner. If the druid is doing someone important they may opt to deny this summoning, but there is a magical backlash that will cause the druid to take 1d8 points of damage if they choose not to be teleported to the side of the person they fashioned the object for. If stolen from the intended possessor of the enchanted item, this magic will still work, but there is no magical backlash on the druid for not allowing himself or herself to be summoned.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Call Me To You

  1. Dr. Checkmate says:

    “If the druid is doing WHAT important?!”


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