[New Spell] Summon Dragon

Summon Dragon

Three large dark blue shapes raced across the sky passed the adventurers on the forest floor down below and to the strange tower that stood a mile or so before them.

Dragons!” Chalk shouted and pointed at the monsters as they flew overhead.

I don’t think I have spiders that can tackle them!” lamented Valance.

Koram looked at the hilt of his Crystal Sword and frowned.

Reaching higher ground the band of explorers saw the trio of dragons circling the tower as lightning crackled all around the huge monsters.

This is not going to be pretty,” Knat commented.

The Scholar of Wexos was consulting a book that he had handy.

Chalk pointed at Nudge the gnome thief as the latter was apparently trying to sneak bac towards the woods.

And where do you think you are going?” the wizard demanded.

Dragons! I am not sure I have the stomach for such things so early in the day!” answered the gnome.

We are in this together, gnome!” Koram snarled at the tiny thief. “You agreed to join us and there is no turning back now!”

Nudge sighed and rejoined the others.


Summon Dragon (Arcane)

Level 9

Range: 300′

Duration: Six turns + 1 turn per level.

Considered to be one of the most potentially devastating and dangerous spells to cast, Summon Dragon allows the wizard to call a (non-unique) dragon to their side. This dragon may be ordered to fight for the summoner, cast a spell unknown to the wizard, teach him or her something, devastate an area and so on. Unlike spells that summon monsters, dragons are more dangerous creatures and hold grudges that can last centuries. If a dragon tries to resist this magical compulsion to serve a spellcaster it does receive a save versus spells saving throw at -1 and if it succeeds the dragon is called, but NOT under the control of the caller, which can certainly complicate matters. Some dragons, however, are eager to help in a given situation (based on alignment, of course) and a summoned black dragon, for example, may be all too willing to devastate an area or a brass dragon willing to carry a party of adventurers from harm’s way. Dragons will not, however, fight to the death for anyone and will resent anyone using them for suicide missions and probably cause problems for that wizard later on. At the time that the spell is cast the referee should roll 1d6, on a result of “6”, roll an additional 1d4, this is the number of dragons that answer the call.

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