[New Magic Item] Goblin Bash Bat

Goblin Bash Bat

Koram laughed at the goblin as it tried to look ferocious, snarling and stomping. This irritated the little monster even further. Cursing the human in the Goblin tongue the small terror swung its bat and connected with Koram’s shin. The human grimaced in pain and was about to laugh again when all of a sudden he realized that he was growing, but couldn’t figure out why. He turned and saw his friends, or at least he thought they were, jumping and shouting, but now they were so small, like they were instead shrinking. He hit his head on the cave roof. No, he was growing. The goblin commanded him to squash the little humans and the gnome, it suddenly seemed like a good idea.

“Run! He’s gone mad!” Chalk shouted.

“Hopefully it will wear off soon, whatever it is!” the Scholar of Wexos added.

Valance began conjuring spiders from his sleeves. Looking for an arachnid that could knock out something ogre sized.

This goblin relic of unknown origin has been the downfall of many an adventurer that has underestimated goblin strategy. In appearance the Goblin Bash Bat looks like a long, tapered wooden bat with a spiked metal ring on the business end and wrappings of a curious leather about the handle. Anyone who has even heard a rumor of this weapon usually tries to escape as soon as they can and it can be comical to see a knight in full plate armor running for his life from a goblin wielding a wooden bat. But there is a reason for this…

Benefit: In combat the Goblin Bash Bat does 1d6+2 damage, fairly formidable for what most goblins pack. In addition, twice per day this magic weapon can be used to make a magical attack that causes the victim to grow to the size (and potency) of an ogre (along with their gear), but lose half of their Intelligence and Charisma points if he or she fails a save versus magic at -2. The person affected becomes a thrall of the goblin for 2d6 turns and can cause quite a lot of damage on behalf of goblinkind (or whoever wields the bat at the time).

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a wooden bat and is up for a bit of mischief.

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