[New Magic Item] Dwarf Runic Talismans

Dwarf Runic Talismans

The band of dwarfs raced through the woods, a small pack of various wyrms on their heels.

“Get Uli into Bottle with the news!” one of the dwarfs bellowed. “I will hold these villains at bay!”

The dwarf leader stopped and turned on the dragon-like creatures and raised his battle-axe. He fumbled for a small bracelet that held many small mithril trinkets. Growling, the dwarf momentarily held the bear talisman and felt a surge of strength course through him. As the wyrms descended upon the hapless dwarf he swore an oath to his gods and charged the monsters.

Very few dwarfs that practice runic magic are still around, many have been slain for their secrets or to get them out of the way, although it is still possible to find small pockets of these strange trinkets in an ancient treasure cache or the odd dwarven runebinder. More attuned to dwarfs, these strange icons are carried by heroes, adventurers and villains for a bit of quick and reliable magic.

Benefit: Dwarf runes are simple talismans that can be used three times per day for a dwarf or a gnome or once per day for other races. These magic items take the form of small metal animals that can be worn or carried, but must be held or touched in order to be activated. Each dwarf runic talisman has 1d10+2 “charges” (times that they can be used) when found and can be recharged by a dwarf runebinder (a rare NPC type found 3% of the time in non-dwarf communities and 7% of the time in dwarven towns and cities), usually for a fee. Duration is two turns per use, only one talisman may be used at a time.

Sample dwarf runic talismans include:

Bat: Grants darkvision (or similar ability to see perfectly in the dark) to 120′.

Bear: Adds +2 Strength.

Boar: Ignore any fear effects or failed morale rolls.

Cat: Silent movement (25% chance of being heard while walking silently, adds 15% to thief class ability Move Silently).

Dog: Track a single target with 75% chance of success (no adjustments for Ranger’s skill to track).

Fox: +2 Wisdom.

Mouse: Become Tiny.

Rat: Control up to 2d6 giant rats.

Salmon: Swim as a fish.

Wolf: Add +2 to Charisma.

Usable by: Anyone, although dwarfs and gnomes receive a better benefit.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Dwarf Runic Talismans

  1. 5 Stone Games says:

    I like items like this, a minor little bump or something fun but not too powerful.

    Its also easily reskinnable for different styles of game which is a plus.

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