The End?

A child wailed over her dead parents outside of the Drunken Dragon Inn. Chalk and Koram looked over at Valance. The priest of the Spider God punched the ale and wine stained hardwood table.

Damn it, we are not heroes! We don’t need to get involved!” the cleric snarled.

That could be you out there,” Chalk said coldly.

That was me out there, once upon a time!” Valance hissed back.

And look how you turned out,” the Scholar of Wexos remarked sarcastically.

Look, people are dying, the dragons aren’t going away,” Knat said. “We need to do something.”

Valance realized that arguing was futile. They had all met here, many years ago, and the Drunken Dragon Inn had been a refuge and a home for the adventurers. Dragons were running rampant, killing people, looking for something that somebody, probably one of the dungeon delvers, possessed.

It is the Crystal Sword they are after,” Graff, the innkeeper said as he brought another round. “I am sorry I ever took it from the Astral Raiders, sorry that I gave it to you, Koram, sorry to have caused so much misery. It is said that long ago an alliance of dragons made a pact with the Astral Raiders and they never lose their swords. Never.”

Chalk mumbled a spell and stood, he walked over to the barricaded door. Koram drew the Crystal Sword and joined him. The screams of the dying outside was becoming unbearable. Knat pushed her chair away, then the Scholar of Wexos, and Nudge. Valance sent a prayer to the Spider God, drained his cup of spiced wine and joined his companions.

Without a word Koram kicked the door of the inn open and the adventurers ran outside, and the dragons all stopped what they were doing and turned upon the the bearer of the Crystal Sword and those around him….

This concludes three years of daily posts on the Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets blog. I have blogged through good times and bad, sometimes more than once a day. Every day I have striven to give my best, to give something to the oldschool gaming community and I hope that I have. Even if a post just sparked an idea of your own, I hope that you had fun at your gaming table. I thank every one of my readers, all of the input and all of the hits mean more than you will ever know. I really don’t want this to be the end, but I want to leave people wanting more. In the end, I leave it up to my readers to decide the fate of AV&ES. I am going forward with more than one project with the blog. I have more ideas (I am not sure that I can turn that off now), yet three years worth of posts is a lot, there is gaming material for years and years within these pages, is it enough?

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36 Responses to The End?

  1. Whatever you decide to do S, I agree, you have given the community years and years worth of gaming goodness and for that I thank you. You’ve been a part of my daily routine for a long time now and so it’s my hope you do continue on in some manner. One project I’d love to see you add to your to do list is a document compiling this incredible resource. Three years worth would be an amazing book, not to mention chunky.


  2. Shane Mangus says:

    As I have voiced to you personally, AV&ES is one of my all time favorite blogs, so it is a sad thing to hear you may be calling it a night. I would like to echo David’s request to please compile the blog into one document. Hell, illustrate it and publish it as a book, and I would be elated. Now, it is time to take all the energy you have given to this blog, and focus it toward getting your graphic novel completed. I have been looking forward to that ever since you announced the project.

    Thanks for your efforts, Bat! They have been inspiring!


  3. trey says:

    You’ve sure as hell given lot of great material to the community. I would hate to see it go, but I understand how exhausting the pace can be–and I haven’t kept up with you! I would say if you have other avenues you want to explore branch out a bit and maybe try some new things. I’m sure it’s going to inspiring stuff, whatever. And maybe slow down your pace, give yourself so more breathing room.

  4. Drance says:

    Please please PLEASE don’t go away! Seriously, your blog has been a lifeline for my return to gaming! Your sheer Herculean efforts have not been in vain. Your tremendous output is an inspiration to me and many others. The posts have been intriguing, entertaining, and thought provoking. You’ve helped stimulate ideas galore, when I haven’t outright taken your ideas whole cloth! So, just know that what you have done, and what you continue to do, is so valuable to the community. Thanks for everything, and I hope you keep it going!

  5. Drance says:

    Oh, and I also put in a vote for your materials to be published in some way! That would be amazing!

  6. The Grue says:

    Will miss your spells/magical items/adventures in my morning routine, Bat.

    But I most certainly understand the need for something different. Thanks for all of your efforts over the last three years (though I’ve only been reading for about one and a half).

  7. nexusphere says:

    I need a book of your spells! Please! Get on it!

  8. Tedankhamen says:

    You were the purest voice out there – no politics, no drama, just pure gaming goodness. I hope it has been as cathartic for you as it has been entertaining for us. Whatever you do, keep us appraised!

  9. Lon Varnadore says:

    You have done an amazing thing here, I have loved this blog and blatantly stolen from it and with three years of stuff, I am sure there is MUCH more I could take. I am sad that you will be stopping this blog. I agree with those who have posted that you should try to somehow put this in one large book format. Or in several.

    Always leave them wanting more…you are doing that bat, you are doing that.

    Can’t wait to see what the next project is and I wish you the best of luck.

  10. lasgunpacker says:

    Thanks for the three years of material! I certainly have appreciated it. I hope that you have some interesting projects coming up, and that you think about some way to compile a “best hits” of the blog in a book.

  11. Mr. Blue says:

    Don’t stop until you run out of ideas.

  12. I must join the choir of praise. I have read your blog for some time now, and commented once in awhile when something struck my fancy. Finally I realized this was just constantly “great stuff. Like it!”, and stopped. I had nothing to say, kind of.

    Now I can say that you have created some really interesting and thought provoking spells, items and creatures. I only wish I had a D&D like game going so I could have slotted them in there! But, not only have it been gameable materlal, it has been great fun to read, well presented and with both dry wit and a great sense of fantasy. Amazing, really.

    My biggest problem with this blog have been that I have become saturated with great ideas! Imagine that!

    If you’d collect these posts in a book I’d buy it in a heartbeat!! Hell, yeah! I would!

    Thanks a lot for well written stuff! Whatever you publish next is something I’d like to hear about. Your kind of creativity is the kind I like.

  13. James says:

    Thank you so much for all the great material and the great nuggets of fiction to go with it. This has been and will be one of my favorite online resources for the game. Please keep the site up.

  14. Way says:

    Brilliant end and completely satisfying for you way to leave it.

    I will dearly miss your updates as the characters have acquired depth even with the light strokes you have painted them. On more than one occasion your writing has given me pauses and chills and checking this blog during my rather uninspired workday was definitely something I looked forward to reading.

    Thanks again man. It has been a really, really good time.
    May all your future endeavors be as enjoyable as this one was.


  15. sean wills says:

    Whatever you decide to do from here, thank you, AV&ES is an inspirational body of work, and is still the OSR blog that has seeped into my D&D games the most.

  16. Dr. Checkmate says:

    What everyone else has said.

    I would add that I would GLADLY volunteer my services as a proof reader and editor if you want to get this thing organized into a single doc or few. Maybe organize by category (spell, monster, etc.)?

    This blog has been keeping me going through a rather tedious time of my life and I will miss the new material, but I’ll start reading from the last and go all the way back. I know I missed a lot before I found my way here!

    More than anything, I will miss the tales of your adventurers. Knat has become a favorite. I wish they each had an entry of their own (or if they do, I wish someone would link me to them).

    Ah, I hate good byes, DON’T GO! 😉

  17. The Badger King says:

    Thank you. As others have, I have dutifully collected all of this material into enourmous text files, but I would gladly shell out for a collected volume.

  18. 5 Stone Games says:

    This has been a magnificent blog and should you choose to end it, it will be missed. Thanks for the work.

    if you wish to profit from your endeavors you may find a compilation to be a good seller.

    Until than I shall be accumulating the work here into my own resource.

  19. Nathan says:

    I have never had the courage to reply as a reader, but I have been a great fan of this blog for almost 2 years and it has been always a pleasure. Your writing has been one of the few things that has been able to stimulate my creativity into true action. I am sure that others would agree that you have made many strive to be better in this hobby and achive the level of creativity and entertainment that you provided unfailingly. I often rember checking to seen when a new post was up and knowing it would be at least one thing I could look back on the day and think “Well, I enjoyed that.”
    I, as well would immediately purchase a bound collection of these posts, and would find them to be an invaluable resource for any fantasy rpg.
    Good luck in all future project, you have earned a fan for life

  20. James says:

    I only came across the blog a little while ago but I’ve been consistently impressed and inspired by the creativity that infuses almost every one of the posts here. I’d love for it to be continued, I’d love for it to be offered up as a collection for publication if you decide not to continue.

  21. Levi says:

    I LOVE this blog and I’m sad to see it go. Great quality, well written and continually entertaining. Thanks man!

  22. bat says:

    Thank you everyone for the comments, very, very much! It means a lot. I have tried to post comments on a few blogs, but for some reason being logged into WordPress (maybe?) is not allowing me to post on these blogs, so I hope to get the message across here:

    I am not going anywhere, I will be posting project updates. I have not burned out, I am not tired of the community, nothing of the sort. I basically just had a mental stopping point and wanted to leave the crowd wanting more. But I woke up and flailed around and I am already itching to post. So….I might continue posting, might, but will try my best to limit it to three or for times a week to get other things done. And Dr. Checkmate, I might just take you up on your offer, but I will pay for any work done, I do not expect anyone to do things for me for free. Maybe I will take the weekend off from content posts.

    To old friends and new here, thanks again for all of the support! In addition to all of these wonderful comments I have received a few emails and PMs on my Ancient Vaults Facebook page and I appreciate everyone who has commented and shown concern and support!

    • The Grue says:

      Ah! So I’m not the only one who has been having problems with my WordPress login for commenting on other (completely non-RPG related) blogs? That’s good to know. Thought I’d suddenly become dim.

      The Grue would mirror Dr. Checkmate’s offer of proofreading services, should you require them for any sort of compilation projects. I’d be happy to be a part of such a thing.

      Looking forward to seeing more!


      The Grue

  23. Pat says:

    I have no idea how you kept it up for so long! No one can fault you for slowing things down after so long. It certainly was a lot of fun reading along!

  24. Bill says:

    I dunno man, if these other projects you have brewing are even close to what you have accomplished here I might be willing to put my need for more Valance to the side so you can focus even harder on the other projects. Yes, Valance is my favorite.

  25. jackth71 says:

    Com’n stay awhile & keep posting! If your getting off of the blog go round then fantastic but man this does suck in a way!

  26. EOTB says:

    Thanks for one of the most prolific blogging streaks of super quality; hope all plans work out to your advantage!

  27. Spawn of Endra says:

    I’ve loved your blog from the beginning of getting back into this game, and as a player I’ve compiled and studied all your divine spells for use in Carter’s Lands of Ara campaign. Without you, Beastarr the Bobcat familiar would never exist (Conjure Familiar), and our party would have been destroyed by underwater undead during a deep-sea temple-looting (Wall of Law). I’m prepping to lead a battle against apocalyptic DFD undead hordes next week with Armor of Ascendancy, Wall of Law, and Unquenchable Light of the Divine. Beyond the advantages of having these spells as a player, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from your imagination and humor as you put them out there. You’ve kept D&D fun. So thanks for that. Fun in the blogosphere is more rare than it ought to be.

    Best of luck with the next projects! You’re a class act.

  28. wilmanric says:

    Bat, I just wanted to add my voice to the group! Great stuff; don’t stop. I’ll add that I think you should do it at your own pace — whatever works for you. Heaven knows my blogging pace has slowed…

    I’m still working on getting your monsters into a book. I hope that’s still OK. My life has just gotten chaotic (of late) so with everything going on, the book has become a lower priority.


    Thanks for all the great posts! I appreciate all the work you’ve contributed!

  29. pseudofenton says:

    I missed all this happening a little, been having some major overhauls in my own life (just finished moving from one end of the country to the other) but I just wanted to say I’d very much miss this blod if it is the end. I’m glad you’re willing to keep it going even if it is at reduced frequency of posting, good luck with your next project though, even if it does mean leaving this behind!

  30. Undercrypt says:

    Thank you for so much good stuff! I’m also in the “please put it in a book so I can buy it” camp.

    Whether or not you have the time/energy/inclination to add more, you’ve created a great gaming resource here. Anything further is gravy. Awesome, tasty gravy.

  31. eltf177 says:

    I’m a recent arrival to this blog but I must admit it’s one of my favorites. But I know how much hard work this is.

    I’d hate to see it end, but understand if it does. Best of luck whatever you decide and just wanted you to know how much I’ve enjoyed this…

  32. bat says:

    Wow, thanks again guys for the comments! You may notice that there was a question mark at the end of the title and I left it open-ended. I am not sure that I can stop. Let me have a week to recharge, we will commence next weekend. More Valance is in order. I might make an every other day post to make time for other projects. Thank you again for all of the kind words, everyone!

    PS-Valance is my favorite, too. He is just so honest in his Chaotic ways.

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