[New Magic Item] Gem of Fools

Gem of Fools

“Would you quit fiddling with that gemstone?” Chalk asked Koram. “It is becoming irritating!”

The fighter looked at the wizard. Chalk thought he detected a hint of drool at the corner of Koram’s mouth.

Valance ran through the adventurer’s camp suddenly, a band of vicious kobolds harassing the priest of the Spider God with tiny spears and diminutive swords, barking and yipping in their strange tongue.

Koram snarled and drew his Crystal Sword. Chalk coughed as if clearing his throat, the fighter looked puzzled.

“Take the sword from the sheath, you idiot!” the wizard shouted.

“Oh, yeah, thanks!” Koram said with a silly grin.

Chalk raised an eyebrow and shook his head. Something was wrong, the fighter was dumber than usual.

A sparkling gem that catches the eye is always coveted by someone, and the Gem of Fools is no exception. This dazzling amber colored gemstone is about the size of a hen’s egg and cut beautifully. Rumored to be a gift from the Gods of Mischief to the world, those who possess the stone better think fast, while they still can think.

Benefit: Those who possess the Gem of Fools immediately lose two points of Intelligence and will lose one point per week thereafter. The first week the possessor receives a save versus spell like devices at -1 to realize what happened and why. The second week the same save is at -2. After that, without outside help the person is doomed to loose all of their intelligence unless something drastic happens. Those of Int 2 or lower cannot take care of themselves and will die in 1d4 days from starvation or dehydration. Losing the Gem of Fools will cause the victim’s Intelligence to return, two points per week, until their mental capacity is back to normal.

Usable by: Anyone, it is cursed.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Gem of Fools

  1. trey says:

    A nasty little curse. I like it. 🙂

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