[New Magic Item] Kettle of Doormin Muddyfoot

Kettle of Doormin Muddyfoot

“That halfling makes a delicious tea!” Koram exclaimed.

“For three silver pieces it had better be delicious!” quipped Valance.

Koram Took a deep breath and concentrated. Several sparkling lights blinked and twinkled into existence and danced around Valance’s head. The priest of the Spider God swatted at the strange lights.

“How did you do that?” the cleric asked.

“Do you think I would pay a halfling two silver pieces just for a cup of tasty tea?” the fighter asked.

“Should I answer that question honestly?” replied Valance.

Koram grumbled as the others laughed.

Created for a halfling warden who protected a traveling wizard from an attack by a trio of jackalweres (some say quite by accident), the Kettle of Doormin Muddyfoot has made the aging guardian of the wild borders into somewhat of a sensation. The halfling will, for a small fee, concoct a special tea that can be stored and drank at any time, similar to a magical potion. Doormin is wary around gnomes for one time a mischievous gnome magically disguised and traded Doormin’s kettle with a Cursed Kettle of Vortini Zorxos (q.v.) and tarnished Doormin’s reputation for some time before the gnome was discovered and driven out of the town of Norshire.

Benefit: When water is placed within the Kettle of Doormin Muddyfoot the following can happen: the water can be instantly brought to a boil, in a pinch this can be used offensively for 1d4 points of damage. The Kettle can also be used to brew any number of magical teas. Twice per day the kettle will produce eight cups of delicious tea that can either add +2 to a roll (for example to hit, save versus magic, or an attribute may be enhanced,etc) or -2 to any roll (saving throws and attribute saves are popular) or instant one off minor magical effects (1st level Druid, Illusionist or Magic-User spells). Effects last for 1d4+1 hours, spells “cast” when the tea is drunk.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Kettle of Doormin Muddyfoot

  1. A greatly underutilised magic item, the kettle. Great stuff as always Bat.

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