[New Magic Item] Stone of Slumber

Stone of Slumber

“What is this?” Valance asked as he pointed at a strange stony finger laying on a table in the private room of the Inn of the Baffled Basilisk.

Chalk winked at the priest of the Spider God and turned the strange thing slightly with a finger. The odd stone finger instantly corrected itself, pointing at a sleeping Koram.

“What does this mean?” Valance asked again.

“That the deepest sleeper within range is Koram, which, I must say, is a little disturbing as the inn is full,” replied the wizard.

Looking like the petrified finger of some frightening creature (and it is), the Stone of Slumber was kept by a prominent dwarf thief for decades before the poor burglar used this magic item a little too often and didn’t consider the undead guardians of some treasures. Current whereabouts of the Stone of Slumber are unknown.

Benefit: A Stone of Sleep indicates sleeping creatures within 60′ of the bearer. The finger-like stone points towards sleepers. While fairly pointless to use in a town or village at night, the Stone of Slumber always points towards the deepest sleepers in these areas. Note, the magic finger points towards sleepers, but does not warn one of creatures that are awake or do not sleep at all.

Usable by: Anyone, thieves find this handy.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Stone of Slumber

  1. One of these is certainly going to find its way into my game. It’s quirky and limited, but has definite possibilities for clever players. Just how I like my magic items.

    • bat says:

      Thank you very much for the comment! I try to make magic a little quirky and unpredictable, not something that is 100% handy 100% of the time.

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