[New Spell] Elevate Rabble

Elevate Rabble

These guys are tough!” Koram growled as the adventurers tried forcing their way past the barricades and into the small town.

We just want a room in the inn!” Knat yelled at the peasants.

No room for you!” someone yelled back.

This is not worth it,” Chalk said as he cast a final spell that turned the wooden door into thick glass.

The adventurers saw someone standing behind the crowd, sneering.

Isn’t he dead?” Valance asked.

Stork pointed and laughed through the glass wall.

Well I won’t be sleeping well tonight,” quipped the Scholar of Wexos.


Elevate Rabble (Cleric/Magic-User)

Level C5/M-U6

Range: 60′

Duration: 5 minutes per level of cleric or magic-user.

This spell will temporarily raise the level of 0-1 level NPCS within the radius of the spell by 1d3 levels in the Fighter class for 5 minutes per level of the caster. Up to ten individuals may be affected by this spell per casting and there is a 5% chance (cumulative if the same NPC is affected more than once) that the level raise is permanent. Those affected also have a 30% chance of becoming lackeys/followers of the caster. Originally intended to help communities defend themselves in times of strife some priests and wizards use this spell as a lure to gain henchmen.

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One Response to [New Spell] Elevate Rabble

  1. trey says:

    Very useful! Particularly when combined with a mass charm or the like.

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