[New Magic Item] Sword of Another Day

 Sword of Another Day

The bronze sword gleamed dully in the torchlight as the adventurers gathered around the old treasure chest in the ruins of a strange tower.

“Is it worth keeping?” Chalk asked Koram. “It does radiate magic.”

“It is certainly quite ancient,” remarked the Scholar of Wexos.

Koram raised the bronze sword high in the air.

“Reveal your power to us!” the fighter exclaimed.

“What did you just do?” Valance asked.

Koram shrugged.

“It was worth a…”

The fighter was cut off by a metallic sound that filled the air. Moments later a huge bronze chariot appeared, drawn by horses of shiny copper. The eerie howling of wolves caused everyone to scamper onto the chariot.

Valance squinted out into the darkness.

“Wargs!” shouted the priest of the Spider God.

Koram took the reins of the chariot and steered the dungeon delvers off across the broken terrain faster than the great evil beasts could follow.

The Sword of Another Day was forged in ancient times for a great hero whose name is now lost in time. Yet the sword remains and its magic is as fresh as the day it was forged by the smiths of old. Easily overlooked as a minor magic item, the Sword of Another Day has saved many a would-be hero (and villain) from meeting an untimely end.

Benefit: In combat the Sword of Another Day is +1 to hit and deals 1d6+2 points of damage. Once per day the sword may be raised to the sky and its power invoked. A mighty chariot of silver, drawn by beautifully wrought horses of copper will appear. This chariot moves at a speed of 180′ and can carry up to six human-sized passengers. This magical chariot only carries passengers out of combat or away/around combat situations and will remain for one hour before disappearing back to the mysterious plane in which it resides.

Usable by: Anyone can invoke the chariot, fighters, rangers and thieves can wield the sword in battle.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Sword of Another Day

  1. trey says:

    Never before as fleeing been done in such high style.

  2. eltf177 says:

    A great way to get that favorite NPC out of harm’s way and able to return another day to harass the poor PC’s!

  3. Indeed! Very cool looking effect.

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