[New Monster] Nunnik


Valance awoke first when he heard the tiny cry. Sleepily opening his eyes the priest of the Spider God saw a tiny thing, like a misshapen gourd or pear with four thin legs and two small arms nursing a wound on one of its hands. The thing gibbered something at Valance who casually swatted at the creature.

“Serves you right, messing about in people’s sleeves!” the priest of the Spider God snapped.

The small thing skittered away into the shadows as Valance whispered into a sleeve and sent a half dozen purples spiders scuttling after the thing.

“What’s happening? Chalk asked sleepily.

“Nothing to worry about,” replied Valance. “When the spiders bring that little thief back I will see if it tastes like a gourd too.”


No. Enc.: 1d4 (3d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120’ (40’)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 1d4 hit points

Attacks: 1 bite or weapon

Damage: 1d3

Save: Thief 4

Morale: 6

Hoard Class: XXII

The nunnik is an odd creature, shaped like a pear, standing about 18” tall with two thin arms and four spindly legs, two small black eyes sit atop a mouth full of sharp teeth. These little monsters are quick-witted and swift-footed, getting into all sorts of trouble at the drop of a hat. While generally not very aggressive nunnik will fight like cornered rats if they feel trapped. Most of the time these creatures slink around the edges of danger but will creep into buildings and the camps of adventurers to steal small items of value. The nunnik have the skills of a 4th level thief and once per day can cast two 1st level illusionist spells and one 2nd level illusionist spell. These creatures have high pitched, squeaky voices, but can communicate in Common, Elvish and the Goblin tongue.

Nunnik as familiars: A neutral magic-user may have a nunnik as a familiar. The creature gives the wizard +2 to Con, +1 on all saving throws and the abilities of a thief of the 3rd level.

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One Response to [New Monster] Nunnik

  1. eltf177 says:

    Nasty little buggers, I’m thinking that they use their spells to create illusions of themselves to confuse their targets and avoid combat.

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