[New Magic Item] Quietest Knife

Quietest Knife

“What’s wrong with the gnome?” Koram asked. “He has been especially quiet lately.”

Valance chuckled at the gnome thief, who slumped forward a little at the ridicule.

“Unusual for him, isn’t it?” Chalk commented.

The small thief scribbled something in the dust by his feet. The Scholar of Wexos stooped to read it.

“Ah, that makes sense!” said the illusionist. “That little dagger that helps me skulk around quietly also has made him mute for a while, probably a side-effect of the magic.”

Chalk patted the gnome on the shoulder, trying to comfort the thief, but relieved that his constant chattering was stifled for a while at least.

Much sought after by thieves (although anyone else who can wield a dagger would find one f these handy), Quietest Knives appear as silvery ornate knives or daggers that look handy, but not overly valuable, although they do radiate magic. The exact origins are unknown, but just over three decades ago a thieves guild in Narlok-Zob possessed about twenty of these magic items, which lead to all sorts of mayhem and the guild being magically dismantled by the Guild Of Magi.

Benefit: A Quietest Knife deals 1d6+1 points of damage in combat, yet its most coveted properties are used out of combat. Twice per day the possessor of a Quietest Knife can Move Silently as a 9th level Thief (73%) for one hour at a time. Unfortunately there is a 65% chance that this ability makes the wielder mute for one day (cumulative) each time the knife is used, which may hinder spellcasting.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a knife or dagger.

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