[New Magic Item] Cap of the Perplexer

Cap of the Perplexer

“…a purple troll,” answered Nudge the gnome thief and laughed uproariously at his cleverness.

The party groaned.

“Make the thief lose the hat or I am going to lose him in the nearest well,” Chalk whispered to the Scholar of Wexos.

The illusionist, in response, pointed over to Valance, who seemed to be communicating with some rather grisly looking spiders.

“That should do the trick,” mumbled Chalk.

This simple woolen cap shows up in the strangest places, perhaps at the whim of the gods of mischief? Not really sought after, it is considered a boon when found until those around the wearer tire of them and a good thrashing ensues.

Benefit: The wearer of the Cap of the Perplexer becomes adept at riddles and obscure trivia, to the point of proposing riddles to all around, often as a gamble of one sort or another. Sure it is fun for a cold evening in an inn when everyone is gathered around the fire, but the riddles become annoying in time. Wearer has an 86% chance of knowing the answer to any riddle asked of them and constantly has a riddle on hand for others.

Usable by: Anyone.

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