[New Spell] Sporecery: Floating Mushroom Caps

Sporecery: Floating Mushroom Caps

Is that Stork down there?” Chalk asked as he peered off of the edge of the cloud.

Koram hesitantly crept to the edge and peeked over.

I think so,” the fighter replied.

Can you summon a giant spider to drop down there?” the wizard asked Valance.

Can I!” exclaimed the priest of the Spider God excitedly.

Immediately Valance began mumbling a prayer to his patron deity.

As the horrific spider appeared and listened to Valance’s words Chalk turned to Koram, mostly to not have to look at the spider.

You would think that Stork would have been smart enough to try to assault a sky castle at night when there are fewer eyes looking down,” the wizard said.

Well, if he was any smarter we would all be dead by now,” commented the fighter.


Floating Mushroom Caps (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10′

Duration: 1d4 turns + 1 turn per level of caster.

The casting wizard conjures an enormous mushroom cap (15′ diameter) from the ground that allows the wizard and anyone else (up to 800 lbs total weight) to fly at a speed of up to 160′. The casting wizard must concentrate on maneuvering the gigantic mushroom cap (i.e. cannot participate in combat) and small spores under the cap allow the spellcaster to keep an eye out for danger from below. Winds stronger than 60 miles per hour will blow the mushroom cap off of course. The cap itself can take 40 hit points of damage before disintegrating.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Sporecery: Floating Mushroom Caps

  1. trey says:

    This is a fun one.

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