[New Magic Item] Brazier of the Lower Planes

Brazier of the Lower Planes

Stork sat by the ancient wizard and both stared into the burning brazier. Within minutes something strange and vile crawled from the brazier, writhing up from the hot coals to sit before the two evil magic-users.

“What is thy bidding?” the weird thing hissed, staring at the conjurers with baleful eyes.

“I have some spying for you to do,” Stork said and he threw several pieces of coal onto the fire. He turned to the other wizard.

“And you will keep this burning?”

“As long as I have coal, your gold ensures it,” the old wizard replied.

This strange brazier of dark metal is rumored to have been a gift from the Underworld to the Priest-King of Zulko-Nak centuries ago. Stylized flames adorn the side of the three legged brazier, which the servants of one previous owner swore crawled about on its own one night.

Benefit: When lit this magical brazier smokes voluminously, obscuring the sight of all non-evil creatures within 30′ of the thing (-2 to strike for all non-evil creatures, evil creatures see just fine). All summoning of Lower Planar creatures using this magic item as a conduit are successful and the creature can remain on the Material Plane as long as the brazier stays lit, once the fire dies down all infernal creatures summoned by the Brazier of the Lower Planes withdraw back to the underworld. Whoever owns and keeps the brazier lit is usually not attacked by creatures thus summoned (85% chance of not being attacked) as creatures of the Lower Planes consider this a chance to wreak havoc on the world above. To summon a creature the name of the infernal must be inscribed on parchment and thrown into the burning brazier, unnamed creatures (like imps, for example) merely need the name of the creature written on parchment and thrown into the fire. This magic item may be used to summon a Lower Planar creature once every other day.

Usable by: Fell priests and wizards.

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