[New Spell] Fey Sight

Fey Sight

Valance looked at his cards and smiled. The Scholar of Wexos seemed to look around the room with a glassy stare for a moment and then touched the priest of the Spider God’s shoulder. Valance looked up and the illusionist shook his head slowly. Valance took another swig from his mug of ale and ignored the spellcaster.

Moments later the half-orc assassin next to Valance growled and kicked the table over, sending coins and cards flying. The halfbreed pointed at one of the elves and snarled something that neither human understood. The elves smiled and suddenly flew up the nearby chimney, followed by a trail of coins. Valance stared into his mug in disbelief.

I tried to tell you that they were up to something,” said the Scholar of Wexos. “Even that shifty gnome that we let into our group of adventurers isn’t as crooked as those two elves were.”

Fey Sight (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 15 feet per level of illusionist.

Duration: One minute per level of caster.

This illusionist spell allows the caster to see fey creatures for what they truly are and to see through all spells and magic of the denizens of Fairy. Minor cheats and deceptions and major glamors are all exposed, whether the caster wishes to point these out to others or to try to work with the tricksy fey is up to the illusionist. 

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Fey Sight

  1. trey says:

    Cool. What sorts of creatures count as fey for the purposes of the spell?

    • bat says:

      That could be tricky, I would start off with the usual suspects: pixies, brownies and maybe gnomes, sylphs, etc.

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