[New Encounter] Plane of Jars

Plane of Jars

Stork looked over at Vistis the Blue Mage. The latter shrugged.

Where are we?” the sorcerer asked the illusionist.

I don’t know, but it beats facing that weird daemon!” replied Vistis.

Stork pointed over at a nearby jar on the strange plane that was littered with humongous jars that looked like they were idly dropped by the gods in elder times. Something with tentacles was trying to force its way through.

Ideas?” Stork inquired.

Vistis pointed at a large stony vessel in the opposite direction of the abomination that was trying to fight its way through the jar.

Before Stork could suggest they climb back down to where came from a low growl could be heard behind them as the hideous daemon appeared.

Run!” Stork shouted.

Found in the unlikely places, like dead ends in the depths of dungeons, mysterious conduits sometimes appear, leading travelers to the Plane of Jars- a seemingly endless expanse of sand and earth, scrub plains with hills ever in the distance. Littered about this plane are huge jars, if you are there, you find you just crawled out of one. They are everywhere, made of stony metal, rimed with age and dust. The next thing that you see under the strange glow of the bluish-white sun is that you are not alone, off in the distance a gang of hobgoblins is fighting a trio of astral raiders over access to a jar near them, while off in another direction something strange and sinister crouches atop another ancient titanic jar, leering hungrily in your direction.

In the game: Some dead-end paths are not just the result of arrested development, but a strange quirk of the Mythic Underworld, a way out and into a strange new realm that leads to countless other worlds. The Plane of Jars is a little known backwater, rarely encountered and long forgotten on many worlds and other planes. Any given dead end that is thoroughly searched in a dungeon has a chance (a result of 6 on a 1d6) of leading to the Plane of Jars and once there anyone with any type of device or spell related to planar travel automatically receives a +3 to any pertinent rolls. Keep in mind that these huge jars are not always marked (those that are should be trusted at your own peril), but in times of dire need sometimes just leaping blindly is the best course of action. These jars will not allow anything bigger than size Large to enter the plane.

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2 Responses to [New Encounter] Plane of Jars

  1. wilmanric says:

    Very cool. I’m dropping it into the Castle of the Mad Archmage… Somewhere…

    • bat says:

      Thanks for the comment, wilmanric! I was going to mention a map of this Plane, but really, I think it would be more fun to observe what comes out of the jars and try to figure it out.

      This magic item was inspired by an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. Yeah, I find inspiration in odd circles sometimes.

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