[New Magic Item] Jar of (F)Lies

Jar of (F)Lies

Chalk wrinkled his nose in disgust as he watched Valance fishing around in the glass jar. The wizard winced as he thought he heard the hideous fly within squeal before the priest popped the thing in his mouth and smiled.

You didn’t swallow it yet, did you?” Chalk asked.

Valance mumbled, his mouth full, then he gulped the thing down.

I was savoring it!” the cleric. “It is a fly and I am a priest of the Spider God, after all.”

Not to mention that you have that card game tonight,” added the Scholar of Wexos.

Valance smiled broadly.

That too.”

An item straight from the dark masters of the Lower Planes, a Jar of (F)Lies looks like a thick glass jar that has a multitude of large, fat horseflies buzzing around in it. These creatures are, of course, actually magic hellflies and not to be trifled with by the unwary (and the good). Many smooth talkers say that hellflies taste awful, but are often better than have one’s head lopped off.

Benefit: To use this magic item one must carefully unscrew the metal lid and remove a fly from the jar and ….eat it. Those of Lawful alignment will suddenly feel extremely sick and will take 1d6 points of damage and be -1 on all rolls for 1d4 hours afterward. Those of Neutral or Chaotic alignments will be able to tell one Perfect Lie per fly consumed. A Perfect Lie is undetectable and even magical means of detecting lies will only succeed on a result of 5-6 on 1d6. Each Jar of (F)Lies contains 3d10 hellflies. If the glass jar takes 10 points of damage and is broken this infernal pests will attack Lawful characters first, stinging for one point of damage (each hellfly can take 2 points of damage before it dies), Neutral characters will be left alone and the fiendish flies will swarm around Chaotic characters for three rounds, making all strikes upon this last group at -1.

Usable by: Anyone not Lawful.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jar of (F)Lies

  1. trey says:

    A neat item and an Alice in Chains reference all in one!

    • bat says:

      😀 Yeah, I was listening to the album at the time. Thinking about the good old days and such. I caught them a lot back in the day.

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