[New Magic Item] Drawer of Knowledge

Drawer of Knowledge

Koram turned his head to one side and then the other trying to figure out what Chalk was drawing in red ink on the scrap of parchment.

What is that?” the fighter finally asked.

I think it is a temple in a cave,” Valance offered.

Maybe it is an abandoned mine shaft,” the Scholar of Wexos proposed.

Could be something made by a dragon or other monster,” answered Knat.

Or a carving of dwarves,” Nudge the gnome pondered.

Chalk squinted to see more detail and sighed.

Well, at least we know that the nearest treasure hoard is in this thing, whatever it is. And we know that the general direction,” Chalk finally said.

Well, that is something to go by,” Koram commented. “Although not much.”

Created by the Alchemists of Zaarak many, many years ago, these strange alchemical devices allow the wielder to divine something hidden from them, but even then only in the roughest detail (this was one of their earlier experiments). The alchemists did work a little strange magic into the device for anyone using it too much…

Benefit: This strange pen can be used once per day to obtain information on something unknown. The ‘ink’ of the pen comes from the current owner-so one needs to prick one’s finger (for 1-2 points of damage) and have a blank surface to draw on. The information gained will be in the form of a rough drawing and may hint at a conclusion but still be a little vague (the information comes across like the phenomenon of ‘automatic writing’). Every six uses the GM should roll percentile die, on a result of 90%+ an iron golem with maximum hit dice appears, sent by the alchemists who created the pen, to retrieve it. If the golem is defeated then the cycle begins again within three months time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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