[New Magic Item] Charm of the Haggler Prince

Charm of the Haggler Prince

Stork flipped the strange coin over and over in the pocket of his tunic as he approached the magic shop. Vistis the Blue Mage stood across the street, keeping an eye out for trouble and a spell at the ready. Stork took a deep breath and went inside the shop.

Moments later loud clacking and howling could be heard from within the magic shop. The door flew open and Stork ran out, shrieking, two surly looking half-orcs on his heels with weapons drawn. Without hesitation Vistis threw a spell at the thugs the moment Stork ran passed. Dazzling lights exploded in front of the half-orcs, who stopped suddenly, staring stupidly at the swirling colors of the animated lights. Vistis noticed a robed figure appear at the threshold of the magic shop and the illusionist turned suddenly on his heels and ran after Stork an instant before a bolt of lightning came from nowhere and struck the spot the illusionist was just standing in.

At one time a couple of dozen of these odd coins were said to exist, created by the wizards of the Prince of Chrenu when times got tough and sold discretely for hefty sums to neighboring nobility. In the end the Prince of Chrenu was caught at this scam and he and his magic-using charm-makers executed by a tearful king. But in the end, business is business. These magic items are hard to come by and difficult not to use. And when used too much people start putting theirs heads together and looking around for who they feel is robbing them.

Benefit: This small amulet looks like a strange coin that has had a small loop added to it make it into a pendant. It may be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket, but to initiate the magic within it must be touched. When dealing with a merchant or anyone selling something the Charm of the Haggler Prince, when activated, has a 65% chance of lower the price of an item by 25%. The seller will feel generous or desperate or will notice some defect (whether there is or not) and will agree to drop the price of an object by ¼ without question. This magic item may be used twice per day, but beware! Clever merchants and salesmen may have knowledge of this magic item and if detected may to matters into their own (or their hired thugs’ hands).

Usable by: Anyone.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Charm of the Haggler Prince

  1. eltf177 says:

    A lovely item to have PC’s “accidently” find! Would be a good adventure seed as well, the PCs are hired by a group of merchants who suspect one of these is in the neighborhood…

  2. trey says:

    Very useful–for making those big purchases particularly.

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