[New Magic item] Sword of Long Suffering

Sword of Long Suffering

The ogre grunted as the man neatly sliced the behemoth’s arm off. Lackeys scurried to retrieve the twisting appendage before the monster could.

Now will you tell me where the treasure is?” the bandit asked the ogre. “Or do I need to remove your other arm? Or perhaps a leg?”

The large humanoid growled, knowing he was bested by a mere human. The monster had waylaid travelers for decades, only to be brought low by a ruffian with a short sword (albeit magical) and a handful of sniveling lackeys.

The creature pointed with its other arm towards a strange tower high on a nearby hill?

I think we shall take your arm with us, just to make sure you are telling the truth. If you are, we will bring it back, if you aren’t? We will be coming back for more.”

The ogre whimpered and bowed low before the brash outlaw.

This strange short sword was forged ages ago by craftsmen unknown. Like many magic items, it is sought after, often by the more fiendish in the crowd, and has passed through many hands in its time. It is said that the halfing warrior Barlo Twelvetoes used this short sword at the Battle of the Evergreen Hills, severing the limbs and eventually the head off of the orc chieftain Brongak the Fierce, leaving the orc whimpering in the end.

Benefit: A simply ornate short sword, the Sword of Long Suffering is +2 to strike in combat and either does 1d6+2 points of damage or the sword deals one point of damage and the one struck must make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or lose a limb (randomly generated or called by the attacker) up to the head, which is always last, either option is the decision of the attacker. The victim of this sword does not die unless losing five hit points (or more, depending on the number of limbs or heads) will kill the target off. These severed extremities can be taken from the owner and often are, to get valuable information or to force an issue, each limb taken lowers the Dexterity of the victim by three points. In extreme cases the body parts can be scattered and will live unless the body suffers enough damage to kill it, thus effectively granting an awkward form of immortality.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a short sword.

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