[New Spell] Find Sneak

Find Sneak

Knat silently raised a hand and made a fist. The druidess quietly drew her sword and nodded towards the underbrush off to the left of the party.

What is it?” whispered Chalk.

Something big is crouching among the fallen trees in the darkness,” Knat replied under her breath. “A troll I think.”

Troll!” exclaimed the wizard.

A low growl in the darkness got everyone’s attention. Knat growled a little herself.

What is the purpose of my casting spells if you are going to let them know that we know what is happening around us?” the druidess demanded.

Chalk shot a fireball off into the shadows. Something large whimpered and shuffled deeper into the trees. The wizard shrugged.

We have no time to argue!” Chalk said. “Troll blood is valuable!”


Find Sneak (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30′ per level of druid.

Duration: The spell ‘ripples’ a magical radar that lasts for thirty minutes.

When cast Find Sneak is cast it allows a druid to sense creatures using stealth to move within an area around the caster. This can be magical invisibility or physical skill, either way, the druid is suddenly aware of anyone trying to covertly follow or hide from the druid and his or her companions.

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