[New Magic Item] Marker Arrows

Marker Arrows

The elves coming down the trail met the party.

This is yours?” Chalk asked as he pointed a thumb at a bedraggled looking elf being carried by Koram and the Scholar of Wexos.

One of the elves shook his head, smiling grimly.

He was being chased by orcs near the Wall of the Border,” the wizard said. “Even we couldn’t leave him like that.”

Several of the other elves, at some undetectable cue, relieved the adventurers of the beaten elf bard. Valance held out a broken lute which the elf leader took. The elf leader nodded. One of the elves detached himself from the group and joined the humans and the gnome.

Luindir will guide you to your next destination. He has special arrows that…” the elf leader began.

A growl in the trees got everyone’s attention. The elf scout drew his bow and fired a strange arrow into the darkness. Something large and hideous was illuminated in a strange green light. The creature, realizing that it was glowing a strange green, shuffled off.

Well, he has some arrows which do that.”

The exact origin of Marker Arrows in unknown, but the idea is catchy enough to be adopted in many places. Often expert marksmen are equipped with these alchemical creations before a battle as another way of guiding infantry. These magical arrows are very expensive, often selling for up to 20 gold pieces each.

Benefit: Marker Arrows are well made arrows with colored blunt tips. These tips have an alchemical concoction that is released upon impact, illuminating the target in a bright color. The arrow itself only does 1d4 points of damage, but the victim glows for up to three hours afterward. In this way special targets are often marked on a battlefield or at night by a character that can see in the dark to mark an opponent for those who cannot otherwise see the enemy.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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