[New Spell] Rolling Rocks

Rolling Rocks

Chalk went to take a step and the ground rolled beneath his feet, causing the wizard to slip and fall to the cobblestones. The spellcaster watched as small spheres of rock rolled away and he barked at Valance who stood still as the rocks rolled around his feet. After a couple of minutes the rocks rolled on along the street. The priest of the Spider God helped the wizard up off the street.

Knat’s new spell apparently works,” Valance said.

Apparently,” replied Chalk sardonically as he dusted himself off. “Where is she?”

A commotion could be heard around the corner at the market.

She must be doing further testing,” Valance suggested.


Rolling Rocks (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 15′ per level of druid.

Duration: One turn.

This druid spell conjures small rounded rocks from the earth under the feet of opponents. Any creature weighing less than a Hill Giant that stands on legs is affected by this spell and must make a Dexterity check every two rounds for one turn to avoid falling (to simplify rolls for monsters, roll 1d6; creatures with 2HD or less fall on a result of 3-6, creatures with 6HD to 2HD fall on a result of 4-6 and those with over 6HD only fall on a 6). The small marble shaped rocks have a diameter of 10′ and can be controlled by the casting druid. Standing still will allow one to remain on their feet without the need to make a roll.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Rolling Rocks

  1. trey says:

    Comedic gold. 🙂

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