[New Magic Item] Lantern of Compulsion

Lantern of Compulsion

The wizard Stork did not even wince as he pricked his finger and slowly dripped blood into the top of the strange lantern. Moments later a strange light appeared from the thing, as if the sorcerer’s blood had lit it. Stork made an adjustment, shining a strange purple light at the Captain of the Guard. The guardsman seemed to swat at the strange light a moment and then he turned his head, as if listening to a far away voice.

You will convince the prince that you have known the wizard Stork for years and that I am to be trusted without question,” Stork said from afar.

The sorcerer set the lantern down and strolled from the shadows.

Ah, Stork!” the Captain of the Guard exclaimed loudly, much to the surprise of everyone, including himself. “My good friend! What brings such a trusted ally into our midst in such troubled times?”

Stork nodded politely and dared a glance at the prince, who seemed astonished that the Captain of the Guard would speak so highly of the questionable wizard.

You know him?” the prince asked.

Oh for years! Such a kind and gently mage,” replied the guardsman.

The prince shook his head, suspecting some deviltry.

A spiky and wicked looking bullseye lantern, of unknown origin, the Lantern of Compulsion is a dreadful device used only by the most nefarious sorcerers and evil priests for the light of this vile lantern shines sickly colors upon its target and woe to those who fall under its spell.

Benefit: When this magical lantern is lit and its light focused on an individual, the bearer of the lantern may adjust a strange disk of multi-colored lenses upon the subject who receives a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or is compelled to do the following, as per the color of the disk:

1 Red: The subject will attack one target determined by the owner of the lantern.

2 Green: The victim will attempt to steal something for the bearer of the magic item.

3 Purple: The target will tell a lie as indicated by whoever holds the lantern.

4Yellow: The subject will conceal something from all others except the bearer of the lantern.

5 Blue: The victim will travel to any destination indicated by the owner of the lantern.

6 Orange: The target will tell any and all secrets to whoever holds the lantern.

This magic item may be used three times per day, but only once per day on any given person. Each time the bullseye lantern is used the magic-user must prick his or her finger for 1d4 points of damage and let the blood drip into a small hole in the top of the lantern. This blood will catch on fire and cause the lantern to shine its magical light. Can also be used as a normal bullseye lantern for up to 4 hours of continuous light.

Usable by: Magic-using classes.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Lantern of Compulsion

  1. trey says:

    Very cool. I love variable sort of magic items like this. It reminds me of the sort of “technological device” one might see in a 60s TV show like The Wild Wild West or Star Trek.

    • bat says:

      Thanks a ton! You know, I never really got into writers like Vance until recently, and it is spooky how some things groove alongside each other sometimes.

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