[New Magic Item] Shadow Stones

Shadow Stones

In the depths of the Palace of Despair on the Plane of Shadow a faint, muffled scuffle disturbed the King of Shade and Shadows as he contemplated a confiscated scroll.

What is it?” the king hissed to his shadow-goblin lackeys.

Another one, your highness! We caught another stone thief!” whimpered one of the strange creatures and prodded a pale human forward into the sickly light of a muted torch.

A thin and vile smile crept across the face of the King of Shade and Shadows.

Put him in the dungeon, when I have time I will turn him into a shade and he will live here, with us, forever!”

The thief wailed and pleaded as the strange king waved his hand dismissively and went back to his reading.

Culled from the plane of Shadow, these are simply stones and rocks brought from that place to the Prime Material plane. However, due to the extra-planar nature of these strange stones they may be used as potent weapons in certain situations. Rare and valuable are these, hard to find, but handy in a pinch.

Benefit: While on the plane of Shadow these rocks, like everything else, are mundane and ordinary, if drab and bleak, reflecting the nature of the plane. When brought to the Prime these stones attune themselves to an ‘owner’ who is able to decide whether the rock will be solid or made of shadows. In this manner, for example, a halfling could carry a few hundred sling sized stones, only making them dangerous at his or her command, or a wizard with one could through a stone at someone with a shield, commanding the stone to become solid after it bypasses the shield to cause more damage (these stones never do more than 1d4+1 damage). Even charlatans use these in playing tricks, such as the always popular ‘Throw a rock through a window without breaking the glass and hitting the dupe on the other side’ gag.

Usable by: Anyone.

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