[New Magic Item] Shuddering Cloak

Shuddering Cloak

Koram released another arrow at the strange figure that had been trailing them for days through the Hauntwood. Again, he missed.

Getting rusty there with the bow,” commented Chalk who cast a spell at the silent hooded character. The spell seemed to be easily shrugged off and was deflected out into the gloomy trees.

Knat the druidess sighed heavily and tapped her staff on the ground. Muddy hands reached up from the earth and held the person firmly. Arms flailed as the figure was held fast and then they began shrieking as the hands pulled them down into the muck.

Why are you following us? Speak quickly or be pulled under!” Chalk called out.

The struggling figure was now knee-deep in muck and the hood fell back, revealing a human female under the cloak.

I have come from Anstrubar and was sent to observe you, and, if you proved worthy, to bring you before my king, who is need of assistance!” the woman shouted back.

The adventurers looked at each other and shrugged one after another.

I will have a spider handy, just in case of treachery,” hissed Valance.

Don’t you always have one handy anyway?” the Scholar of Wexos asked.

Valance just grinned sheepishly.

A minor magic item, nonetheless a Shuddering Cloak has saved many a messenger, herald and adventurer in a jam. Made of a strange fabric (rumored to be the same as the odd armor made by the quilting gnomes) a Shuddering Cloak commands a decent price in magic shoppes as they are no longer produced as often as they were.

Benefit: A Shuddering Cloak can be used for many things. For one this magic item can be activated at any time and it vibrates or ‘shudders’ and can repel water, makes anyone trying to hit the wearer (including magical attacks) of this hooded cloak -1 to strike due to the constantly shifting nature of the thing and allows an additional save to escape any type of attempt to pin or grapple the wearer (successful escape on a result of 3-6 on a roll of 1d6, this can be attempted every other round).

Usable by: Anyone.

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