[Guest Post! New Magic Item] 20-Sided Gem by Jim Wampler

20-Sided Gem of Many Saves

This finely-cut icosahedron gem appears to
be an otherwise ordinary emerald, albeit it
one of immense value (1,000 gold piece or
its equivalent). A detect magic spell cast
upon the gem will reveal a slight dweomer
of indeterminate nature, and a detect good/
evil spell will reveal a state of alignment that
constantly shifts back and forth between the
two opposing alignments. No further
amount of magic-based research or
experimentation will reveal the nature of the
magics contained within this potent item.
Only by carrying the gem upon one’s
person over a considerable period of time
will its effects gradually become known.

Only when someone carrying the 20-Sided
Gem of Many Saves faces a life-and-death
situation (DM’s discretion), can its
efficacious effects become known. For each
charge remaining within the gem, a character may be granted one automatic success making an attack, making a saving throw, or casting a spell with 100% effect. This effect only occurs when the normal attack or saving throw is made and missed. At such times, the gem’s mighty magic warps the luck field of the possessor in such a way that their failed roll becomes an automatic success and manifests the maximum beneficial effect for that person. After its powers become known to the possessor, they may attempt to wield and command the effects of the gem at times of their own choosing, and subject to conditions as noted above. Each time the gem activates, the runes for the number 20 briefly manifest on whichever facet is facing upwards as the gem is held.

It should be noted that the powerful luck warping magics of the gem will consume from 100-1000 gold pieces worth of precious metals or other gems each time it is used successfully. Any such treasure within a 1,000 ft. radius will simply vanish as the magic activates, starting nearest the gem possessor and working outwards. If there are no precious metals or gems within the above mentioned distance, the gem will burn between 1-6 charges out of other magic items, or consume 1-6 potions, or destroy 1-6 levels worth of spells from magic scrolls. When first discovered, the 20-Sided Gem of Many Saves will have between 1 and 20 charges within it. Once all of its charges have been expended, the gem dims noticeably and becomes ordinary emerald-colored glass.

Copyright © 2012 Jim Wampler and Mudpuppy Comics

Today’s post is courtesy of the amazing Jim Wampler, creator of the Marvin the Mage comic. Mr Wampler very kindly offered a magic item for a review of his comic and I am happy to oblige.

At Mudpuppy Comics you will find the fun and very well written and drawn Marvin the Mage comic, featuring the misadventures of a bumbling wizard and his friends (who often are at odds with each other and try to get the best of the others, which reminds me of another group of adventurers that I know of 🙂 ) in a fantastic setting that pays homage to many of the gaming tropes that we know and love, with the right amount of wit and sarcasm to hit the funny bone just right. Mr Wampler even has a sample of how the comic happens, from script to preliminaries to work in progress to finished page. If you haven’t already, head on over there and I want to thank Jim again for his kind offer of a magic item for the blog.

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  1. Appreciating the time and energy you put into
    your blog and in depth information you offer.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.

    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

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