[New Spell] Weaponturner


Valance watched as the orcs advanced.

This is too easy,” mumbled the priest of the Spider God who then uttered a prayer to his deity.

Too easy?!” exclaimed Koram as he drew his Crystal Sword.

Valance ended his prayer.

Spear!” he shouted.

The encroaching humanoids suddenly began howling in pain and surprise as their spears turned upon them, stabbing and slicing the wielders. Many of the orcs began to panic and broke, running back into the gloom.

Nudge scuttled from seemingly nowhere and began picking through the bodies of the orcs for anything valuable.

Don’t miss an opportunity, do you?” Chalk asked the gnome.

Nudge waved a dismissive hand just before finishing off a dying orc.


Weaponturner (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: 40′ per level of cleric.

Duration: Three rounds.

A priest or cleric uses Weaponturner to cause all of one type of named weapon (“Sword”, “Spear”, “Dagger”, etc) to turn upon the wielder and attack once per round for three consecutive rounds for the damage that the weapon does normally. The wielder may not drop the weapon as it is clutched tightly but a saving throw versus spells at -1 is allowed for the first round, if failed, the weapon attacks the next two rounds without another save, if passed the weapon will just attack for that first round.

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