[New Spell] Trading Places

Trading Places

Stork went to take another step backward and found no footing, but empty air. Peering over his shoulder the sorcerer saw a drop of several hundred feet. He turned back to see a grinning man-at-arms and the duke.

So, wizard-thief, you are maybe going to fly?” the duke asked with a sneer.

From behind a curtain Vistis the Blue Mage quietly muttered a spell then stepped forward, distracting the duke and his man-at-arms. Stork reached forward and grasped the shaft of the pike as Vistis completed his spell. Suddenly the man-at-arms and the sorcerer had traded positions. Stork pushed forward on the shaft of the pike, sending the man flailing over the edge.

I hope he can fly,” said Stork. “Well, honestly, I don’t care. Now duke, let us get down to business, shall we?”

The duke seemed to visibly shrink as the two spellcasters closed in on him.


Trading Places (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ + 1′ per level of illusionist.

Duration: Instantaneous.

By means of this spell an illusionist may trade places with another or cause two figures to trade places, as long as everyone is within range of the spell. No save is permitted although another illusionist with the same spell can ‘re-trade’ the figures that were moved. This spell only works on living or undead subjects (i.e. not inanimate objects).

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