[New Deity] Akanib


The thing crouched on a pillar at dusk, peering into the ancient town as the peasants prepared for night. A frightening grin crawled across the deity’s face as it contemplated the madness it would cause among the people.

Just one moment, if you please,” a voice came from behind the alien god.

Not you again!” snarled Akanib.

I have a riddle…..” started the old wizard.

Yes! Yes! A riddle! A riddle if I live this town alone!” hissed the deity. “One day old man you will run out of riddles to save these wretches and I will have my way!”

Ah, but that day is not today,” replied the wizard.



Lesser Deity

Akanib, “The Perplexor”
Alignment: Chaotic
Spheres of Influence: Illusions, Cons, Discord
Symbol: Three top bits of a question mark sharing a single dot
Typical Worshipers: Scoundrels, Con-men, Illusionists

Hit points (if you need them): 155

The strange deity known as Akanib is thought to be of alien origin, possibly a deity called by mistake that has taken up residence in the world. Akanib appears as either a strange old man with solid black eyes or an odd humanoid creature with oily black skin and huge white eyes with no apparent pupil.

Akanib can be found most anywhere and this deity delights in causing confusion wherever he goes, as a matter of fact, he can cause Confusion (as the spell) at will. The weakness of Akanib is riddles and he may be more kind or generous around those offering a riddle or puzzle that he has not heard of before.


Abilities: Can use any six Druid or Illusionist spells up to three times per day as a 12th level druid or illusionist. Akanib focuses on spells of the Illusionist brand and in addition to his other abilities, this deity may cast Confusion as a spell-like power at will. Akanib fights as a 10th level Fighter, often using talons that deal 1d8 points of damage and heal at triple the normal rate without magical aid and half the normal rate with some magical assistance.


Awe: Akanib looks weird in his natural shape and when not disguising himself with magic those wishing to attack this lesser deity are -2 to hit due to the strange and unearthly nature of Akanib.


Honor Guard: The Perplexor often has 1d4 Hell hounds or Hyenadons of maximum Hit Dice at his beck and call.

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