[New Magic Item] Potion of Conversational Animation

Potion of Conversational Animation

The heavily armored figure looked around and poured liquid from a vial onto the rock wall. Slowly a strange face appeared.

“Has the wizard Stork been through here recently?” the bounty hunter asked.

A bolt of lightning from out of nowhere struck the armored figure, obscuring the answer.

“I can answer that!” hissed the sorcerer as a plunged a dagger between thick plates of armor.

The bounty hunter gasped and slowly sank to the ground, dead.

“Now, I believe I will be asking the questions,” Stork said as he walked up to the face on the wall.

A strange alchemical potion, rare and expensive when found, is the Potion of Conversational Animation, a light violet concoction often sold in small glass or metal vials. Adventurers, bounty hunters, trackers and bandits all find this alchemical mix to be very handy when in unfamiliar territory.

Benefit: When a small vial of this liquid is poured or splashed onto an inanimate object the thing forms a rudimentary face (with eyes, ears, nose and mouth) and can communicate in the language most often used by the one who poured the potion. The face will last until three questions are asked, which can be, under certain circumstances, a very long time (for example, if the person who used the potion is distracted, taken or slain or otherwise unable to ask all intended questions). The object can only ask answer questions about its immediate surroundings and any other questions do not count (the thing will be silent).

Usable by: Anyone.


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